Nina Tatarkulova 30.04.2021
If you would like to find yourself in the 19th century, but with all the amenities and achievements of the 21st, you should visit the Graf Tolstoy Hotel in Bryansk. Everything is available here - a sophisticated atmosphere, a charming vintage reception area, helpful service. And at the same time, such charms of our time as a modern fitness center with unlimited visits, a swimming pool, convenient parking, excellent soundproofing and much more. The room, even a standard one, is large, spacious, bright, with all amenities and a complete set of necessary household items. A very beautiful landscape opens up from the balcony, I would definitely draw it if I could, but I had to limit myself to photographs. Separately pleased with the library with a very rich fund. It was a pleasure to stay with you, thank you!
Alisa Verzhbitskaya 13.02.2021
Favorite hotel, thank you! Every time we go to Bryansk, we know where we will stay - at the Graf Tolstoy Hotel! Why? And where else are such rooms, such an atmosphere, such a set of services for such money? Do not look, you will not find, we tried)) And one more thing: a very caring attitude towards guests with children. “Count Tolstoy”, thank you for our bright weekends and holidays! We recommend you to everyone!
Viktor Tumanov 20.10.2020
In January 2020, I was in Bryansk and stayed at the Graf Tolstoy Hotel. But I decided to write a review just now. The reason was a visit to a hotel of a similar price segment and a similar concept in another city. I really didn't like it there, for many reasons, but that's another story, and a rather sad one. And with Count Tolstoy, I have an extremely positive story. I will never forget the responsiveness of the staff, the atmosphere in the lobby, breakfasts and dinners in the restaurant. Only now I realize how lucky I was with your hotel. It is not ultra-modern, not mega-luxurious and not some kind of “glamorous”, but stylish and at the same time very sincere, it is cozy in it from the very arrival, as if it had already stayed here a hundred times, and everyone around is good friends. Probably thanks to the staff. When I am in Bryansk again, I will definitely stay with you. So, the truth is known in comparison)